Mattress Care

What kind of support/frame is necessary for bedding today?

Use a sturdy bed frame! If your mattress is a queen or king set, make sure that your frame has the extra middle support needed to prevent bowing and sagging. This is required to ensure complete warranty protection for your sleep set.

How do I carry or move my mattress?

Two people should normally carry your Meta mattress flat on its side. It’s easier to handle and less likely to get damaged. Don’t bend your mattress under any circumstances.* Bending may damage the innerspring unit. Flex rather than bend the mattress when going through doorways, and don’t bend the corners when putting on fitted sheets.

*Restriction does not apply to Meta King or Super King-size mattresses, which are designed to bend at specific hinging points.

How and why do I rotate my bedding?
How do I avoid body impressions in my mattress? How do I maintain consistent comfort and feel throughout the life of my bedding?

We recommend that you rotate your Meta mattress on a regular basis to refresh its comfort. Mattresses contain many layers of upholstery padding to increase their comfort life and support performance. Body indentations can be a normal occurrence in new mattresses, and indicate that the upholstery layers are conforming to a person’s individual body contours. To help reduces body impressions, mattresses should be turned occasionally throughout their life. While there are some model are maintenance free which is Twin or Nano-Sense Support ™ Pocketed Spring Products , this range of products do not require to be turned or rotate to reduce the risk of hurt or injured your self.

How do I care for my mattress?

Keep your Meta mattress clean. We suggest using a mattress pad; please visit for more information on mattress pads. Don’t allow your mattress to get wet. Protect it from water or other liquids. Don’t use dry cleaning fluid of any type on your mattress. These chemicals could damage some of the comfort and upholstery materials.

How do I clean my mattress?

Keeping your Meta bedding clean is simple with the use of a protective mattress pad. Vacuuming is the only recommended cleaning method. If you must clean a stain, use mild soap with cold water and apply lightly! Don’t ever soak a mattress or foundation, and don’t use dry cleaning fluid of any type on your mattress—these chemicals could damage some of the comfort and upholstery materials.