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Great night sleep every single time. I would definitely purchase again.

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My wife and I would wake up with neck and back pain every morning with our last mattress. Read the reviews on an meta mattress and decided to give it a try. Literally, the first night we slept on our mattress was the best had in a very long time!! No aches or pains and felt well rested. Since then, every night has been relaxing. It's soo comfortable just laying in our bed, watching TV, we would get sleepy. Highly recommend this mattress(Body Perfect)


I was very doubtful about this mattress. How can something for this price be so comfortable? I read all the reviews which helped me to secure my decision, and I found it absolutely right(Passions)!


Had never laid on this kind of mattress but I bought it based on the reviews for my family and we love it. Parents(Natural Sleep Firm) Myself(Natural Sleep Medium)


I wanted a mattress good for spine problem issue for my parents without the huge cost and we found it with Meta Mattress(Passions).


Best mattress ever, wanted a comfy mattress without the huge cost and found it with the Meta Mattress and then some.


I have purchased several beds/mattresses in the last few years, none of which were very good choices. They were either too hot or we would wake up with a sore back. After reading online reviews, we decided to go with the Meta mattress (Body Perfect). This mattress has completely lived up to our expectations and is by far the best mattress we have ever slept on. It is not toot hot and we no longer wake up with a sore back. Thank you, Meta Mattress!


Have had the mattress for about a month now and getting the best night sleep as well as our dog. Product lived up to all the reviews we read before purchases(body perfect)!


Absolutely love the mattress. I wish I would have known about this mattress sooner. I now wake up refreshed and without any aches(Passions)


I got this matterss(Natural Sleep Medium)- I AM SO HAPPY WITH IT! We rave all the time how we don’t want to get out of bed cause of how comfortable it is, we are so pleased with our mattress; for the price, comfort and great sleep we receive- we’d recommend this to anyone looking!


Natural Sleep Medium mattress is all the reviews. Soft yet supportive. My sleep has improved tremendously! Just love this mattress!


My husband and I have been searching for mattresses for quite sometime and can hardly find one that suits our needs. Finally we came across Meta Mattress during a home fair. The staff convinced us into buying this mattress and he is really professional in the consultation and knowledge to exactly identify our needs. He introduced us to buy this mattress and we have no regrets in doing this decision, even though the price is quite high compare to others but is a good investment and is worth well. After sleeping on Meta Mattress for 3 months , my back pain problem is getting better and better, my sleep is more relax, comfort and feel great when woke up.
Thanks to Meta Mattress and thank you for introducing this mattress to us .


I have to be honest with myself, sleeping on Meta Mattress is one of my best investment so far in my health. I could sleep much better and long on this mattress compare to any latex mattress in MALAYSIA. Sleeping is the crucial time for our body to recover, and a great mattress like Meta Mattress is one of my best bet yet. Sleep well = good health.


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