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With its excellent structure and attractive design, Body Perfect Mattress of META mattress collection is the preferred addition to any modern bedroom. The structure design of 2.5mm NANO-SENSE SUPPORT™ Pocketed Spring System provides you 25 times more comfort in comparison to conventional mattresses and offers 3 times less partner disturbance as they response to pressure independently.  Meta Spring system is laboratory tested & patented. Chiropractic Surgeon recommended.

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7 reviews for Body Perfect

  1. Suhaimi Rajahudhin

    Concerns: Lower back ache & tense shoulder and stiff neck

    My wife was also having severe back ache post-delivery, since we needed a bigger bed with the arrival of our baby, we decided to upgrade our mattress to extreme size which is 213cm x 213cm .My wife’s back pain was significantly reduced ,we took about a week to get used to the new mattress and we soon noted an improvement in our sleep. We have more restful sleep & the number of times we break our sleep due to rolling over for a more comfortable position also reduce greatly.

    Thanks to Meta and Mr David for assist us on doing this purchase

  2. Mei Ying

    Concerns: Spine surgery and hip pain ( Parent )

    My wife and I have been searching a good mattresses for parent quite sometime and can hardly find one that suits our needs. Finally we came across Meta Body Perfect mattresses during a home fair. Mr David convinced us into buying this mattress and he is really professional in the consultation and knowledge to exactly identify our needs. He introduced us to buy this mattress and we have no regrets in doing this decision, even though the price is quite high compare to others but is a good investment and is worth well. After sleeping on this mattress for 2 months , my parent back pain problem is getting better and better, my mom sleep is more relax, comfort and feel great when woke up. They love the cooling fabric that always make the body comfortable & relax.

    Thanks to Meta and thank you David for introducing this mattress to us .

  3. Ken

    Concerns: Lower back pain

    I have been a sufferer of constant lower back pain for the last 6 years, I had such a hard time finding a suitable mattress for myself to get some good rest. I used to wake up in the morning with the sorest neck and back pain that would make my life unbearable and miserable.I have had my best night’s sleep ever and my back pain was significantly elevated! Now that I have been sleeping on the Meta Body Perfect mattress for a month at the point of this sharing, I have intro this to all my family members/friends/relatives/colleagues about the great sleep that I am having in my new wonderful mattress .

  4. Billy

    Concern : Stress & Insomnia

    Thanks to strong airflow through twin layer pocket spring system, this mattress offers very good temperature neutrality and sleeps exceptionally cool. Due to its medium-hard feel and deep conforming ability, the mattress is best suited for me who looking for sleeping quality. After use this mattress for few months I am very happy with the decision I had made to purchase this mattress without regret even this model is much more expensive compare to others mattress brand. Thanks Meta

    • Admin Meta

      Thank you for your purchase

  5. Tina

    Great selection of mattress and also pillows. Customer service from sales team is excellent . Will definitely be back for more purchase

  6. Ting Ting

    Received all products in very good conditions yesterday and delivery team also help me dispose my old bed . Thanks you

    • Admin Meta

      Thank you for your purchase

  7. Kenny Chai

    Loving the good sleep I have with this mattress , the latex pillow give me ample support for my neck as I have cervical spondylitis.

    Honestly wasn’t expecting much because all my previous mattress not helping on my back issue, after explained by seller about this model on the tech behind and also I do some research on this brand, I decided to do the purchase Rm8,800 for a king size mattress.

    I was so delighted the next day when I woke up feeling refreshed and better than ever before . Worth 5 ⭐️ on this mattress !! Thanks

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