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With its excellent structure and attractive design, Passions Mattress is the preferred addition to any modern bedroom. The mattress with 5 targeted zones contains in the 2.5mm Twin Spring System which guarantees a calibrated and targeted support, the Meta Extension provides exceptional elasticity. The Coller Colling fabric make you feel more comfortable and relaxing besides that the most important function is help you to have more longer deep sleep which will help your body to Refresh, Recharged & Recovery (3R). Chiropractic Surgeon recommended.

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6 reviews for Passions

  1. Abang Khairul

    Concerns: Heat sensitivity & Poor quality sleep

    I have tried many types of mattress but I always wake up in the middle of the night feeling very hot. This has affected my sleeping quality and cause my mood swing which affect my work in the next day. After getting professional explanation on the importance of ventilation and breathability of the mattress material, I decided to purchase Meta Passions mattress over a memory foam mattress. After using this mattress for a month and I’m truly convinced that my decision is perfect as I no longer wake up in the middle of the night feeling too hot.

  2. Ms Fiza

    Concern : Pets ( Hygiene )

    I love this Meta brand mattress because its the only mattress with pets friendly certification and the mattress are using 100% Natural Latex that suite me sleep together with my pets on the mattress.

  3. Vern(Singapore)

    Concern : Slip Disc

    Being a true sufferer of pain for the past 30 years and having spent more than a decade in the travelling industry, I have had the opportunity to sleep on almost all types of mattresses; Pocketed spring, Coil spring, Latex, PU Foam, Memory Foam, Gel, Coconut Fibre and many other natural fibre filled mattresses. When my slip disc wasn’t affecting my sciatic nerve then, I could sleep on most conventional mattresses but after it starts pinching my nerve, I have to source for a more suitable mattress that provides me dynamic support and pressure relieve. I decided to purchase Meta Passions mattress over others brands mattress , main reason is this brand had proven and recommended by my chiropractor.

  4. Mr Johsua

    Concern : Sciatic Nerve Pain & Cold limbs/Numbness

    I & my wife have been looking around for a mattress until i finally found a mattress which is so different from other traditional ones. Firstly i was trying to understand what is Ergonomics until I saw Meta Mattress in an exhibition at MidValley and tried on the bed. Today i have been sleeping on it for a month and it was giving me & my wife a perfect sleep and waking up on a 7-8 hours deep sleep. Now I feel recharged , refresh & recovery
    Thanks Meta

    • Admin Meta

      Thank you for your purchase.

  5. Vincent

    The moment I slept on it , I realized what I was missing out on. I found my back have more support and after few night sleep I feel much more comfortable. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a quality sleep

  6. Dickson Phoon

    The purchasing experience and customer service is pleasant . The mattress are soft and support and indeed comfortable.

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